How it Works

POSH PolyCrystal Gel was formulated by combining the very best of the existing systems of acrylic and gel but leaving their drawbacks behind. The affordability of acrylic, but without the brittleness. The durability and performance of gel, but without the price tag. All in a new odorless system that takes a fraction of the time and effort to use.

Healthier, easier, quicker, and more affordable - what’s not to love! Available in three shades...for now.

Take a look at this video tutorial for the step by step application process.


How To Do Nail Extensions

For those who like to read, take a look below for a written description of the step-by-step application process.

Follow these simple instructions to apply POSH PolyCrystal Gel.

1. Prep the nail and apply one light coat of pH Bond to the natural nail only. Then, apply one very light coat of the gel Base Coat or Bonder to the natural nail.

2. Squeeze the tube of POSH PolyCrystal Gel to release the product and slice off the desired amount with the Nail Pusher.

3. Use the Nail Pusher to roll the product onto the Plastic Nail Form that fits the natural nail. 

4. Dip the brush into Rubbing Alcohol, then shape the POSH PolyCrystal Gel product onto the Plastic Nail Form by lightly patting it. Keeping the brush close to the surface, continue until the Plastic Nail Form is covered to the desired length. Cure the nail for 60 seconds in an LED lamp.

5. Once completed, remove the Plastic Nail Form off of the natural nail and if need be, smooth the surface by lightly filing the nail with the Nail File.

6. Cleanse the nail. Apply one coat of the gel Base Coat and cure for 5 seconds. Then, wipe a clean gel brush over the surface of the nail to remove any excess base coat; this will cause the surface to become slightly tacky and allow the polish to adhere better.

7. Apply two coats of gel polish, curing after each.

8. To finish, apply Gel No Wipe Top Coat and cure.


How To Do Overlay

You can also apply it as an overlay to your naturals to strengthen them. Take a look below for the ultra simple step-by-step application process!


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